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Aero Terra Arts is an ongoing collaboration of Teachers, Choreographers, Artistic Directors, Entertainers and Performing Artists that have come together to bring you top level entertainment as well as top level classes in the Phoenix Metro Area.

Performing Aerial Acrobats, Tumblers, Belly Dancers, Break Dancers, Bollywood Dancers, Fire Spinners, Jugglers, Costume Designers, Parkour Athletes, and Martial Art Trickers.  You name it we know it.

Khrystia St. Lucia Co FounderKhrystia St. Lucia

Known for her grace and fluidity, Khrystia has performed on the floors of over forty venues across Arizona. She started as a swing dancer performing for the local band The Swingtips. She later moved her focus to belly dancing, becoming a master of mixing fluidity with articulated hip motions. During this time she fine-tuned her style by studying Hula and Tahitian dance with Kaimikahu Hale O’ Hula of Tempe, Arizona, whom she performed and competed with for eight years. Over the course of her multi-cultural dances, including Bollywood, Khrystia has performed over 1800 shows. She presently performs belly dance and Bollywood dance at Tandoori Times Indian Bistro.

seven years ago Khrystia moved into the air by learning aerial acrobatics. She is predominantly trained through Circus School of Arizona, in addition to Frequent Flyers of Boulder Colorado, and Elsie Smith of New England Center for Circus Arts. She regularly performs aerial acrobatics at numerous venues and corporate events throughout the Southwest. Khrystia’s apparatuses  include aerial silks, sling/hammock, rope, trapeze, and lyra.  An entertainer at heart, she enjoys sharing  knowledge of aerial by teaching regularly.

Francesco Caban Co FounderFrancesco Caban

Francesco Caban is an ASU alumni with a BFA in Dance Education through the Katherine K. Herberger College of Arts.  Devoted for over 15 years to the “Movement Arts” he is an Intelligent, Experienced, Architect of movement. He can Choreograph, Perform, and Teach.

Francesco’s background includes Break Dancing and New Style Hip Hop, University level Contemporary Modern and Ballet technique, Gymnastics/Acrobatics/Tricking, Partner Stunting/Adagio, Cheer Leading, Obstacle/Prop Manipulation, Capoeira, and Character Roles (Former ASU’s Sparky.)

A strong believer in the interconnection of all movement and is on a life journey to explore how different physical attainments all share a common movement source, and has since coined the phrase “Movement Artist” as his profession. He also strongly believes in the application of the three major elements known as the body, mind, and human spirit. The body, being ones physical ability and application; The mind, being how one sorts through physical knowledge; And the human spirit, being how ones will alone can help to aide the body and mind to accomplish great feats.

As an educator that uses integrated curriculum and constructivist approaches he focuses on each student individually and subjectively to help them grow a self identity and understand their personal strengths as movers.