www.Aeroterraarts.com was invited out by www.circusschoolofarizona.com to perform Partner Acro and Aerial.  The show was shared with high flying jets, motorcycles, and muscle cars which added for a great crowd pleasing experience as the audience kept darting their heads back and forth between watching the circus performers and the amazing machines flying about.  Many other circus performers such as Character Work, Contortionists, Other Aerialists, Stilt Walkers, Dancers, and Tumblers all put on great acts.  It was great to be around other people just as passionate about performance as we are.

It was great to get out of Phoenix for a bit and enjoy the sunrise and sunset out in Yuma. The airbase was also a new experience and the military personal on duty were all very helpful and well mannered, good job everyone.

This was our first time performing this Acro Piece in an outside setting and it went very smooth our months of work and repetition are paying off. Look forward to our next event.


Thank You Reading

Francesco Caban

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