Mystery On The Orient Express Recap

!!!Talk About Character!!!

This Show was heavy on Character Development and like “A Faeries Tale” it was built around a story.  Obviously if you have not seen the new rendition of the classic book and movie please do so.  Our show was based on some of the locations the Orient Express stopped at along its old route.  With a story based around Spies, Mozart, Gypsies, Vampires, Dominatrices, Escape Artist Stilt Walkers, The Game Clue and Good Ole Yodeling in the Alps you can imagine it was entertaining to say the least.

For the First Time we Introduced the Stacked Lyra which opened up a whole new series of options for Lyra Movement.

My wife Khrystia and I both worked intensely on a new Partner Acro piece that we had the pleasure of performing at this show for the first time.  We spent a strong 6-8 weeks building this piece and several of the new lifts in it came together within the last couple of weeks before the show. I was very proud of our hard work.

You can watch a full version of us performing this Partner Acro at an event in YUMA HERE.

Since I do not get to perform break dancing very often anymore I was happy to work toward the Breakdancing Mozart piece.  Over the course of several weeks I built a series of break dance sets developed around a Trap Style Mozart Piece Called originally titled “Turkish March.”  You can see some of my final performance in first video of this article and more of my behind the scenes rehearsal below.

Our Marvelous MC Andrew Centrella pulled off his part as the “Comedic Detective Turned Murderer” awesomely and was a good sport with the idea of the Dominatrices taking him away at the end of the show.

Once again even though Khrystia and I work hard to direct and build the show we cannot pull these events off on our own. The cast, staff and fans make this all worth while and without them there can be no show.  Thank You.


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