Celestial Space Odyssey Recap

!!!It was from another world!!!

Celestial Space Odyssey was a technological thrill ride.  Based on Science Fiction influences such as Star Trek, Star Wars, David Bowie, Tron, Men in Black, Robots and More. Our first heavy use of LED infused costumes and props brought a whole new level of excitement to the show.  Not to mention the use of Trampolines made the Intergalactic Acrobatic piece just that much amazing.

We Transformed Core Crossfit into an intimate universal experience. It is always astonishing what you can do with some curtains, lighting, glitter, and the right color scheme.

Of course our show had some great aerial acrobatics focusing primarily on the duet acts. We take pride in the preparation process of our aerial classes which focus on creating performers from any level so long as they are willing to put the time in.  We also had a new prop called “the box” in the show.  It is a four sided rail apparatus for Freerunning and Parkour Element based movement. You can see what I mean by the video below, the apparatus is in the second half of the video.

Thank You again to our Fans, Students and Staff these events take a lot of work and without us pushing together we wouldn’t get it done.



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