AeroTerra Arts Presents “Chill Out”

A special announcement from Aeroterra Arts 🙂


Our upcoming Winter Show on January 20th is ready for you our “faithful and encouraging audience” to purchase tickets.

The Event is Called “Chill Out” which is exactly what we all need to do after the hectic but necessary Holidays. Come watch a dazzling display of winter themed aerial acrobats, fire performers, dancers, feather fans, swing dancing and floor acrobatics. Here is the event page on Facebook.

Just click the link below to purchase tickets

Also some important information for you on the location

We are at a new Venue.  It is called “The Sanctuary” and it is a historic church that is located in downtown phoenix at Core Crossfit. It is a residential area so please make sure to avoid red marked areas and side walk ramps.


We will be decorating and adding our own little touch to it. If you missed our last show here is our teaser reel. Look forward to seeing you there.

Contact us at for any questions.



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