My Experience With Tricking Part 2 5/2/2015

“I need to get better at Tricking”  Something every Parkour Athlete and Bboy think about at one time or the other.  After dabbling in tricking every now and then I finally wanted to do something about it.  You can see in these videos I had the guts, I had some progress in the second one, but not the deep technique I needed to be focusing on.


Now you already know that I had taken on Jujimufu as a mentor and that I wanted to emulate his style of tricking and life style approaches.  This is about what I learned strictly from Tricking.

Set no time frame to learn a skill

I wanted to have my double leg from the very beginning I started this trek. I have never been good at them.  I didn’t actually start to get this move until about 2 months after I had switched to my Periodization.  I didn’t get to anything seriously interesting until I learned to let go of my obsession to obtain a skill by a certain date.  You have to let time be time and it will happen when it needs to.  Until then keep your chin up, chest proud, and smile.

Every one needs a coach…EVERY ONE

My coach came from several areas.

My Friend Jacky gave me tips.

“open your hip”  he would say about my Flash Gainer.

Juji gave me tips and reassurance.

“you even got your right arm doing the right thing” he said about my double leg.

My Camera above all was my main coach.  Accompanied by my ability to watch and break down movement I was able to watch and re-watch my training footage and compare it to others that I wanted to do my tricks like.  Slow motion analysis and watching every limb making sure I pulled my own weight was how I made my tricks stronger and stronger.  Focusing on one thing at a time, one correction at a time.

Warm up extensively

not everyone needs a long warm like me.  Since I was 13 I did some type of warm up.

Foam Roll

Wrists, Ankles, Trunk Twists, and Muscle Activations

Do Kicks

Arm Swings


Put on some good music and let my blood get pumping.

You have to warm up the high performance machine before it can hit full throttle.

Kick to Kill

Jacky said “Kick to Kill”… And I believe that means to kick with intent.  Every movement you do you need to do with the intent of something in mind.  What does this mean? !!!!EXPRESS YOURSELF!!!!  But that does take practice.  You know all of that imagination you used to have, it’s time to bring it back.  Imagine a hoard of warrior zombies intent of kicking your ass (And then devouring it I’m sure) are surrounding you.  You are going to show them who you really are.  Every kick, twist, flip, elbow, knee, head but or punch needs to land its mark,  The intent of each movement is essential.  Be the move, all the move, and nothing but the move.

Sucking at something after many attempts?…Do something else…for a little bit

Remember this applies to tricks. This means more then you think.  Do I mean that you should not work toward a hard skill?  No.  I mean that you should know when things are not going your way for the day and find a way to make the defeat a victory.  Sometimes…a very rare sometimes, and it is more luck than anything else, you can do a move one time correctly and nicely after many, many failing attempts.  But that one good time is usually going to flee…Every time I have obsessed with my days goals to the point where I was forcing myself to comply with my own expectations even when I obviously was not showing any signs of improvement or attaining my movement goals. Every time this has happened, I would suffer the repercussions for days or even a week after it.  Fatigue, DOMS, over repetition strains. All of which will affect your performance through the rest of the week in all that you do.  To many 540’s? Strained Intercostal when dead lifting the next day, 2 days of mental fatigue,  and a strained inner thigh.  What? I couldn’t wait until next training session to do some more 540’s HA, no no no I needed to do them now.  Hog Wash!!  all I needed to do was take longer breaks, work prerequisites for about 15 mins, or hell do something else, maybe work the other side and I would have had none of those consequences.  My Ego got in the way and I failed myself.  Let it go and do something else, you can always do it again later.

The move does not make the MAN

The MAN makes the move.

Stimulants are cool…just don’t get addicted

Yes that’s right.  I took Jujis advice and used his ECA Stack.  I also used EmergenC for electrolyte balance during long sweat sessions.  Now keep in mind I have a very low stress life.  I pretty much work for myself, I get a good amount of sleep, I eat well, and have a beautiful girlfriend I get along with.  But it can help to get my attention beyond 100%  I used Whole Green Coffee Powder I bought at Go Bean and Ephidrine you can look at jujis recommendations.  Be smart about this, these are pretty basic stimulants, but they can still cause anxiety.  I took some ephedrine two hours before my workout once and that felt really weird, about 30 minutes after taking it my heart sped up and I got very heavy chested, once I realized what was happening I did some controlled breathing and everything returned to normal.  It’s important to use the energy you have otherwise it will use you.

Train on grass you will jump better

Nothing like a nice field of grass.  Soft mats make you careless at times.  You have to change your approach on grass.  I had way more progress outside then inside.  Since I work at a gym I fully understand the benefits of an indoor facility.  But the game is really outside, you will develop a better awareness and sensitivity if you train outside and if you have an eye for progression, true progression you can achieve anything outside

Don’t be afraid of resting

Ok, I get it we all want to Train InSaiyen.


But if you remember that one episode when Goku and Gohan are in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber training to fight Cell.

Basically they are taking a rest day and Gohan is antsy because he thinks they should be training right now, but Goku says to him that  learning to rest is just as important as it is to train.  Resting is part of Training.  If you continuously break down your body tissues and never recover them then you really don’t know what it is like to train at full capacity.  I would go so far to say that most people train at 70% of their best… That means that if you were fully rested you would be at a different 70% then usual.  Point is take rest days, take rest weeks, hell take a rest month, indulge and come back stronger then ever.  Get a massage every week, sleep in, eat lots, or maybe go on a fast and restart your system.  Reap the rewards of a good rest and feel the True Saiyen Blood Boil upon your return.  Which brings me to my next point.

You will always be tired

I didn’t learn this from Tricking, I learned it from every person who has made anything worthwhile.  If you wait for when you are not tired…you will be dead.  Stop being someone who waits for Glory, you have to go out and get it yourself.  Never allow your peace to be taken from you.  Our breed finds piece in the moment of training.  Weather it is Training our Mind, Body, Spirit.  It is the act of doing that brings us peace.

Peace is not being in a place where there is nothing going on, it is when you are in a place that is loud beyond madness and Finding Peace within you

You will always be tired, sometimes things will be hell, but if you are in hell then you might as well be the Devil.  I have so much respect  to those that get out of bed every morning and seize the day to be there own.  I ask you to rise up just one more time each day you wake up, stand up, breath in and breath out…AND GIVE THEM HELL.

Learn to Love

Learn to Love everything.  The hard times, the good times, the injuries, the regiment breaks.  Every moment is worth loving because the moment is gone in an instant.  I am in this field, this is my land, and I am King.  I will call down Lightning, I will walk on Water, I will be the Wind.  Love every moment, it is all you have.  Tricking is not life, but Tricking can help to enrich life.

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