My Top Movement Media For Training Motivation Part 1 “Tricking”

So many Influences but i’m going to stick with stuff from the age of 15 and up and stuff that is more directly related.


Capoeira was introduced to me through Axe Capoeira they started the focused training Seed I believe a love for music, lots of clapping three times in a row, and getting to see the bigger picture of flow.


My first Introduction to Wushu was from Kenny Perez who Studied Under Jet Li among others and I still have a Chinese Sword From him. I had a chance to learn more from him, but I backed out and yes I regret it. He taught me how to butterfly twist and aerial twist.





It shouldn’t come as a surprise that I was doing tricking before I knew about tricking and I was doing Parkour before I knew about training Parkour too, these blogs could be a whole novel, but since I have other plans for that, I am breaking this up into Sections so it stays relevant…mostly.


I consider myself old school with tricking, I can do some of the newer stuff like A Jack Knife and still work on Dubble Twists and Flips, but I usually stick to 3-5 set combos and love my aerials, 540s, bwists, and flash kicks. To date me further, I used to do Corks the old way before J Step was figured out.

As far as Tumbling Goes, I do that okay I can Back handspring, back full and do whips, but punching (especially when you are on concrete [come at me concrete punching haters we can’t all gather step]) is rough and you need to take really good care of your joints if you want to do it for a long time.

For Tricking and Tumbling

First I have to say the most influential tricker and tumbler out there are just two individuals I look to the most and that is Jujimufu and Andre Catozzi.  Two very different individuals and bodies with very different styles but both have very flexible and clean movement and they care about how the moves look.  So with that here are two of my favorites from them.  When I focused training I looked to them to emulate my Movement.

Jujimufu “Jiir”

I like Jir Specifically because it resonates more with how most of my tricking sessions go.  Alone, In a Grassy Field and Lots of Sweat. You feel completely free in this grassy paradise and in a way it is your land you are the Viking of this Land and you claim it with Amazing Flips, Kicks and Twists.

Andrea Catozzi

Andres is an “ARTIST” through and through.  His movement is fluid he has a beautiful heart and his urban tumbling got me working more websters, back handsprings and cart flip combinations.  Plus he has a Capoeira background like me and is a Dancer like me.  His movement still inspires me and his art videos are second to none.

In Second Place I have to put this Video of Tim Man and Anis Cheurfa

Anise and Tim Man reminded me of the good ole Karate Kid Movies, it gave that old school 80 sweat and train hard vibe which I love and live for as much as I enjoy training smart “hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard”

The First Ones I saw on YouTube

Next up is This Old XMA Video, the Team Rouyko Vid, Some guy I never learned his name but he did make me want to train harder,  and Urban Ninja. When I started looking to Youtube when it was in its beginnings these were the first vids I found that would always get me pumped.


These 4 vids would encourage me to further train my flips and tricks.  It was in my early flipping days where I would train for 4-5 hours a day in the ASU Judo Room and at open gyms before I eventually worked at one myself.

I think many Trickers from my generation share these videos as well.  I love all the newer vids like Vellu and Scott Skelton but they are way beyond what I can accomplish and I tend to be attracted and inspired by paths that I find challenging but not impossible. There are many other influences to my upbringing but I feel that’s another story.




Francesco Caban


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