The Webster Front Flip in Detail

One of the most sought after front flipping skills in Parkour and Tricking is the front Webster.  It’s a very powerful aerial based move that requires a lot of timing and air awareness. Many practitioners that get this move quickly don’t realize how hard it is to actually do. There is also a lot of super bad advice out there on this skill too.  Luckily I have been picking it apart for years and I have a lot of understanding on how it works and have been able to replicate it in my more talented students.

superbad webster

Now it’s important to note a couple of things that will give you an advantage when learning this move.

  1.  Decent Front splits either passive or dynamic.  The farther you can swing your back leg behind you the easier the flip will be to get over.
  2. Already have a fast front flip from a two footed take off so you know what front rotation feels like. It can be on a trampoline or off on object to a mat or if you have it in flat ground, good job here’s a cookie. cookie monster
  3. have an amazing cartwheel, aerial, or front handspring.  The more amazing it is the easier the skill will be…maybe
  4. Patience and will to keep improving on your timing until you get it just right.

Doing the Webster

If you watch the video below I go through a way to work on your Webster.

An additional note after watching Lucuses Tutorial which is hilarious and has a lot of great points in it at the same time (check it out here) the way he swings his arms actually make him go into a sideways webster, but because he split steps out of it he can correct his alignment forward as he exits the flip.  If you watch it in slow motion you will see what i mean.

One thing I didn’t mention in this video is if you are running into a Webster or doing it in place.  The arms and swinging leg still apply, but you lunge into your jumping leg like you would going into a front handspring or Ariel from a run. I do a traveling Webster in the video below and it explains how to trouble shoot them so take a look at it.

Trouble Shooting the Webster

Below is a Video where I compare my Webster to someone else that I wanted mine to look like.  To do this for your own Webster you will need two things.

  1. A camera to video tape yourself
  2. Someone you hold on a pedestal for their GODLY WEBSTER POWERS you will use their footage of a Webster and compare their footage to yours frame by frame and emulate what they do.

The Webster is going to take a long time to master and you will have days it works amazingly and days it will be horrible.  Embrace the Suck, it’s a fun skill that opens up a lot possibilities and just so you can see how long it took me here’s a video showing me doing them throughout the years, you can see my early ones that my arm set was wrong for the front set up.

 Please stop over head chopping for Websters, every time you do, a kitten dies somewhere.  And Kittens are cute so that’s not okay.


Don’t give up




Francesco Caban

3 Replies to “The Webster Front Flip in Detail”

  1. i got webster in the first time i tried it. i started off by splitting my legs when doing a front handspring which gained my confidence. it gets suprisingly easy to do after. thnx for the tips

  2. Please post any video responses or questions you may have on doing a Webster. Remember it is very important that you prepare for this trick and only attempt it when you are ready to fully commit to the move.

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