A Lil Bit of Magic

Those of you fortunate and generous enough to come out and watch our first show as Aero Terra Arts got to see first hand the beauty of what we are capable of.  An intense mesh of Aerial, Acrobatics, Dance and Fire all with Thematic Characters and Amazing Costumes.  I would like to provide a little background on the development of the show and the process of my piece specifically.  First off here is a quick recap of the show if you have not already seen it.


Excited? So were we. You can watch the next Event hopefully in September. It’s going to have an “Espionage” theme.

Now lets get a little more detailed about the process I personally went through with developing my piece which I secretly called “Magic Bacon.”  So named as to combine Magic Mike and Footlooses Kevin Bacon into a single name because lets face it

bacon is magic…magic bacon


yes…Okay About the Piece

Some background

This was a come back piece for me. I had been out of the performance scene especially when it comes to stage performance for almost 3 years.  I had been pretty much just recovering and regaining strength and taking time to develop myself into a more refined and holistic athlete. This means finding out how my moves work and making them stronger or tweaking small things in them to see if they would work better a different way. I also dived deeper into strength training especially as it pertains to legs and areas of weakness.  Working Dead Lifts and Back Squats as well as the main lifts like Bench and Over Head Press are now staples to my strength work and have helped in over all joint health and musculature.

Leading up to the show

The 6 weeks prior to the show I was doing Hypertrophy Upper Body sets 2 times a week to look good on stage, Building up my Acrobatic Sequences, repeatedly listening to the songs to know every bit of them, and watching the movies to get that Nostalgic influence. I was making sure to eat clean too.

Since I have gained a bit of weight since my last major performance I am now 185 lbs, more muscle and I love it, and my last Stage performance I was at 165 lbs I had to feel what it was like to get burnt out at that weight. This meant that I had to run my piece full out for the two weeks prior to the show to gain the Lung Endurance and Muscle Memory necessary to have the energy to also be expressive during the event.  The first week I was so gassed after the sessions that I couldn’t finish them.  It was frustrating, but I knew that I would get my endurance back after I recovered.

On top of all this I had to get used to tumbling and dancing on hard floor again. I had developed my sets on forgiving spring floors, but my performance stage was going to be rock solid so I needed to get used to the impact.

Not to mention having to get used to shorter and shorter warm ups. I knew that on the day of the event I was going to have little to no warm up because I had to help with other parts of the show and the perfect warm up was not going to be possible.  I had to get used to that requirement.  The thing about training for this is that you consequently get a little tighter because of it, but you keep just enough flexibility to do the skills you require and as you warm up in the performance you get a little more limber toward the end.  If you drill your moves for the performance then the chance of injury is very low even with little to no warm up.  You can’t be like this for long periods of time though and after the performance you need a good 3-5 days to recover and get massage, eat well, sleep well to loosen the body back up again.

Performance Day

I consider the day before the Performance and the Performance Day as equally important.  I didn’t train like normal the day before, I was confident with my work and I had developed the endurance I would need.  I still did a light %30 style workout the day before the event though if you do completely nothing it actually works against you.  The night before I got a good nights rest a good 8-9 hours I made sure to eat plenty of carbs this day too since I would be doing a lot of running around on top of performing I needed lots of energy in store. About an hour out I did a light foam rolling, drank plenty of water and took a caffeine pill.  My number was announced I got in position and it was time.

All the knowledge I gained in athletic performance in those three years of recovery I was able to apply to this event.  I was super stoked to get back out there and this is just the beginning.







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